Ship Management Services

Our shipboard management system has improved greatly over the past few years and it has made our ships safer place to live and work

Andhika provides ship management services which manage and maintain ships with well trained crew and competent shore-side staff, superior supervision and quality systems ensuring Andhika can meet the stringent standards of the various IACS standards, Flag Authority, IMO regulations, conventions. In the history of managing vessel with various classification standard such as; NKK, ABS, KR, and LR, Andhika has never been suspended by any IACS members nor blacklisted by any nations.

Andhika has experience in managing our own vessels and also foreign ship owners. This diverse fleet of vessel includes: bulk carrier, tweendecker, tanker, container, tugboat, and various offshore vessels. In managing its vessel, Andhika is well supported by reliable spare part and running store suppliers around the globe in accordance with the ship owner's financial capacity.

Our ship management activities reside primarily in Adnyana which has obtained accreditation of quality and safety management system ISO 9001 : 2015 from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai. Andhika has obtained DOC for tanker operation, and other cargo vessel operation. Andhika provides an efficient and cost effective crew solutions, our well trained and STCW'95 certified crew pool is notably one of Indonesia's largest (around 5,000 crews). All crew members are regularly updated with the shipping industry's development and regulations both national and international. The crew members also regularly receive safety and technical training and are able to communicate in English.