Terminal Stevedoring & Warehousing

To provide integrated logistic services, Andhika established stevedoring company in a few main port in Indonesia, such as Belawan port, Tanjung Priok port, Merak port, Tanjung Perak port, Balikpapan port and Banjarmasin port. The Andhika's stevedoring companies are known as Andhika Andalantama, Adiparwa Baruna Sejahtera, Andhini Nugraha and Andhini Mahardika have set the standard in efficiency, quality, safety, security and environment awareness to supply our clients with world class terminal services. These companies have certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

We handle all types of cargo including: palletized cargo, unitized cargo, bagged cargo, bulk cargo, project cargo, containers, yachts, and vehicles. We are also able to offer door to door services from port to the consignee. One of Andhika's facilities in Tanjung Priok known as cargo distribution center (CDC), provides quality services in warehousing and distribution, cargo and container positioning, general cargo inventory and tracing, inland haulage and document handling, project cargo consolidation, packing and quality tally assurance, cargo and container fumigation, stuffing and stripping heavy lift cargo, and custom clearance.