Ship Agency

Our ship agency will take care your ship's requirements in a smooth and responsible manner at reasonable port disbursement.

The Andhika provides ship agency services to clients that have appointed the Andhika as their ship agent. The service covers a wide area of ship agency services for liner and trampers such as; handling port formalities paper work, vessel and crew logistic, and ship chandler.

The overall Andhika service covers; general agency, port handling, owners protecting agent, ship husbandry, cargo canvassing and booking, bunkering services, cargo and ship brokering, supplying cash advance to master, spare part and equipment for vessel and floating storage for the offshore oil and gas industry, and crew handling.

Each and every one of the services provided by the Andhika is handled by qualified team of professionals. The team will make every service as time efficient as possible while still keeping a very high standard of quality, reassuring every last detail are meet.